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Azure for operators

Future-proof your networks, drive down costs, and create new revenue streams—all with a telecom operator and technology partner you can trust.

Learn how telecom operators are transforming with Azure

See why industry leaders trust Azure to help them create the future of telecommunications, today.

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The ability of operators and hyperscalers to partner will largely be governed by the simplicity, security, and resilience of the mobile-to-cloud experience and is thus deeply important to both the telecom operator and the cloud provider.

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As network operators adopt Open RAN, they need cloud security solutions to mitigate the potential risk of the threat surface inherent to open and cloud-based architectures. Learn about cloud security principles that benefit Open RAN and provide a framework for secure management of Open RAN O-Cloud components.

Azure for Operators e-book

Enable near real-time management and control of critical business operations. Learn how Azure for operators and partnership with Microsoft can transform your network, unlock new revenue opportunities, and improve cost efficiencies.

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Discover what's driving 5G investments in the cloud and how to create new revenue streams by moving 5G network to a hybrid cloud architecture.

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Learn how to reduce capital expenditures and operational expenses, accelerate innovation, and realize new revenue opportunities with private enterprise networks by using a hyperscale cloud and integrated multi-access edge compute architecture.

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Maximize existing investments while minimizing operating expenses

Improve cost efficiencies and guard against platform obsolescence while maintaining customer commitments by moving your existing communication workloads and services to the cloud.

Deploy and optimize next-generation networks

Support new intelligent telecom services and emerging low-latency applications with powerful network functions running on hybrid and multicloud infrastructures. Add AI and machine learning cloud services to analyze and react in real time to sensor-driven data at the edge.

Maximize the value of the edge

Deliver unique, customized subscriber offerings by combining network functions, apps, and a portfolio of cloud services and partner application developers on multi-access edge compute platforms.

Monetize the capabilities of 5G

Drive digital transformation and turn 5G mobile networks into new service revenue with innovative applications tailored for telecom operators, integrators, and enterprise markets.

Future-proof your network

Accelerate service innovation, reduce your dependency on outdated technologies, and avoid excess capacity by scaling your network services in the cloud to meet peak customer demand.

Streamline your operational support systems

Automate and orchestrate network functions, speed deployments, and assess service quality and performance by controlling your network services through a consolidated cloud management interface.

Get to know the Microsoft portfolio

Azure private multi-access edge compute

Deliver exceptionally low-latency networking, applications, and services at the enterprise edge. Accelerate time to market, reduce integration complexity, and securely manage services from the cloud.

Azure public multi-access edge compute

Rapidly develop and deliver low-latency applications and immersive experiences at the mobile operator edge. Overcome business challenges with a solution that combines Azure compute with operator 5G connectivity.

Azure Operator Nexus

Build your mission-critical mobile networks with a carrier-grade, hybrid cloud platform.

Azure Operator Insights

Remove data silos and deliver business insights from massive datasets.

Azure Operator Service Manager

Simplify the deployment, upgrade, and management of complex operator services.

Azure AI

Capitalize on the promise of Industry 4.0 with intelligent operations and supply chains powered by proven, secure, and responsible AI.

Azure Sphere

Securely connect industrial assets to the cloud with open solutions that support brownfield connectivity and enable system interoperability.

Azure IoT Central

Go from proof of concept to proof of value.

Azure Stack HCI

Run workloads on hybrid, familiar hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) for commercial-off-the-shelf hardware—delivered as an Azure service.

Azure security

Gain peace of mind with built-in protection from the edge to the cloud, and stay ahead of risks with intelligent monitoring tools built with powerful AI.

Resources and documentation

Customers are doing great things with Azure

British TeleCom (BT)

British Telecom partners with Microsoft to drive innovation and growth in the telecom sector and shape the future of voice calling.

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Verizon teams with Microsoft to offer private 5G edge computing solutions designed for mobile users and wireless edge devices.

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Learn how Tampnet is using private networks to provide a reliable, secure connectivity for managing offshore assets for the oil and gas industry.

IoT, 5G and industry 4.0
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