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MongoDB Atlas on Azure

Run your fully managed MongoDB workloads on Azure with MongoDB Atlas, a global developer data platform with the versatility you need to build modern and scalable applications.

Build powerful modern apps with MongoDB Atlas on Azure

Build modern, cloud-native applications with MongoDB Atlas on Azure and migrate existing apps to a fully managed developer data platform for enhanced agility and scalability.

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MongoDB Atlas on Azure provides developers with a flexible document data model and unified query interface and meets the most demanding requirements for resilience, scale, and data privacy. Get the versatility you need to build a wide variety of modern applications and take advantage of an integrated data architecture for transactional processing, relevance-based search, and in-app analytics.

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Scale your workloads securely and confidently using the foundation of MongoDB Atlas and enterprise-ready Azure services. Extend your data with an elegant data architecture. Data stored in MongoDB Atlas is simple to access, update, and query for a broad set of workloads, from fast transactional processing to search and real-time analytics, with no manual data movement required. MongoDB Atlas is available in 40+ Azure regions.

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Seamlessly add MongoDB Atlas to existing architectures via integrations with Power Apps, Power BI, Azure Synapse Analytics, and Microsoft Purview. Build full-text search capabilities, run real-time analytics, share visualizations, and sync to the edge with fully integrated and cloud-native MongoDB Atlas data services. Robust security features such as always-on authentication, network isolation, and end-to-end encryption keep your data protected while complying with industry standards such as GDPR and HIPAA.

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Innovate with MongoDB Atlas in the cloud

Migrate MongoDB workloads

Move your MongoDB workloads to MongoDB Atlas on Azure for enhanced scalability, reliability, and ease of management.

Build intelligent apps

Turn data-driven insights from your MongoDB databases into action with MongoDB Atlas, Azure Synapse Analytics, and Power BI.

Develop new applications faster

Build apps and processes with data in MongoDB databases using low-code drag-and-drop tools.

Modernize legacy applications

Update and optimize legacy applications with a unified and scalable solution to improve cost efficiency and agility.

Explore the MongoDB Atlas on Azure solution architectures

Analyze operational data on MongoDB Atlas using Azure Synapse Analytics

Derive insights from MongoDB Atlas operational data by connecting to Azure Synapse Analytics. The connection makes it possible to transfer data in batches and in real time.

Analyze operational data on MongoDB Atlas using Azure Synapse Analytics solution architecture

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Start using MongoDB Atlas on Azure

Deploy MongoDB Atlas on Azure in just a few clicks through Azure Marketplace.

MongoDB Atlas product on Azure Marketplace