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Azure networking services

Extend your existing network to Azure using fully managed services to connect, deliver, and protect both cloud-native and hybrid applications.

Plan your virtual networks with the Azure capabilities you need

Azure networking services encompass more than two dozen services with networking capabilities that can be used together or separately. Deliver exceptional user experiences to your global customer base in a cloud-first, mobile-first world. Azure networking services work seamlessly across on-premises, multicloud, and edge locations to connect and protect your hybrid environment. 

Innovate with Azure networking services

To support disparate and remote teams, organizations are relying more than ever on cloud networks to manage, connect, power, and secure everything they do. Optimize performance, maximize edge intelligence, and keep your data secure with a Zero Trust model using Azure networking services.

Enable remote work

Give your employees the flexibility they need to do their best work remotely while protecting your organization with a robust, adaptive, and secure network infrastructure.

Protect your network and apps

Whether you're moving workloads or modernizing apps on Azure, use cloud-native controls and network security services to improve business agility and save costs on security infrastructure. Improve cloud network security using a Zero Trust approach to perform network segmentation and apply intelligent threat protection and traffic encryption.

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Build your network with purpose

Create a strong network foundation

Build and monitor your network infrastructure with virtual networks, VPN, DNS, and network monitoring.

Enable hybrid connectivity

Connect datacenters and branches to the cloud with private connections, virtual WAN, and VPN infrastructure.

Boost network security

Protect network infrastructure and apps with firewalls, DDoS protection, and VM connections.

Explore Azure Networking solution architectures 

Hub-spoke network topology in Azure

Implement a hub-spoke network pattern where the hub virtual network acts as a central point of connectivity to spoke virtual networks.

Connect an on-premises network to Azure

Explore options for connecting an on-premises network to an Azure Virtual Network: VPN or ExpressRoute connection or ExpressRoute with VPN failover.

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Plan your Azure networking framework to ensure resiliency, efficiency, and security for your organization.