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Azure databases

Powering a new era of apps at any scale—anywhere. Enable real-time experiences on an open, flexible, and trusted common platform.
Overview and features

Introducing a new era of cloud-scale databases

  • Azure databases are built with hyperscale performance and tuned for modern, intelligent apps.
  • Get AI-powered management and performance at any scale.
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  • Build modern, AI-ready apps on an open, flexible, and common platform.
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  • Secure your data with layers of protection and maintain business continuity and compliance.
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Powering a new era of apps that run at any scale, anywhere

Use scalable, secure and reliable Azure databases to modernize or build mission-critical apps.

See how customers are innovating with Azure databases

Benchmark study

Azure SQL Database Hyperscale performance

Azure SQL Database Hyperscale leads Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL by up to 68% in performance and value.2

[1The study was commissioned by Microsoft and conducted by Principled Technologies in October 2023.


[2Price-performance claims based on data from a study commissioned by Microsoft and conducted by Principled Technologies in December 2023. The study compared performance and price performance between a 16 vCore and 32 vCore Azure SQL Database using premium-series hardware on the Hyperscale service tier and the db.r6i.4xlarge and db.r6i.8xlarge offerings for Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL I/O-Optimized (“Amazon Aurora”). Benchmark data is taken from a Principled Technologies report which used the HammerDB TPROC-C benchmark. The TPROC-C workload is derived from the TPC-C Benchmark and results were obtained with the HammerDB TPROC-C workload. The HammerDB TPROC-C workload is derived from the TPC-C benchmark and is not comparable to published TPC-C Benchmark results, as this implementation does not comply with all requirements of the TPC Benchmark. Price-performance is calculated by Principled Technologies as the cost of running the cloud platform continuously divided by new orders per minute throughput, based upon the standard. Prices are based on publicly available US pricing in East US 1 for Azure SQL Database and US East for Amazon Aurora as of December 2023. Performance and price-performance results are based upon the configurations detailed in the Principled Technologies report. Actual results and prices may vary based on configuration and region.