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    Azure NSG blocking VPN routed traffic

    • networking
    • vpn
    • azure
    • network-security-group

    How to check Azure VM IIS Heatbeat

    • azure
    • monitoring
    • virtual-machines
    • ping

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    Provide an option to prevent guest access to your application but allow all members

    It would be nice to have an option for enterprise apps that when turned on or selected prevents guests in my tenant from accessing an Enterprise Application but allows all members to access the app.

    Julia, need some advice from microsoft

    I am part of ExxonMobil and we start migrating apps to Azure, we have on an APP 13 Petabytes of Data , what is you suggestion for migration some of the AZURE groups suggesting DATA BOX, some other Express Routes we are trying an F5, what will be MS suggestion or who we can talk to, also what type of bandwidth is suggested, The reason I am asking is because I work on an AWS project and we migrate some data using a SNOWBALL equivalent of a DATA BOX and the transfer rate was very poor, any suggestion will be greatly appreciated

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    MultiSubnetFailover support for Reporting Services

    Please add support for MultisubnetFailover for Report Server. Per msdocs: "The use of MultiSubnetFailover, with the report server databases, is not supported."

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