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    Make Azure AD premium Free

    Make Azure AD Premium Free. A lot of our Tenants are having their mailboxes breached. Seems like Azure Premium has good security features that could really help us but it costs too much. This should be free.

    Allow VMWare Workstation Pro 16.x to run within the Azure hyper - v environment.

    Allow other hypervisors to work within the Azure hyper - v environment. VMWare allows hyper - v to work within it's hypervisor, Azure Hyper - v should do the same. I know the development team at Microsoft has figured this out, why can't you folks get your act together and make it available in Azure? We are a multi vendor shop and need this functionality before we migrate all into Azure. You are loosing $$ because of this limitation. If you have this capability please contact me at terry

    Scope Reservation to Virtual Machine

    Currently the most granulate scope level is resouce group. It would be helpful if reservations could be scoped to specific virtual machines.

    Support Request Reader

    Multiple services can be separated in a subscription by RBAC controls to ensure users/developers of one services resources cannot access another. However support tickets are a subscription wide function which does not fit these controls. Presently all users of a subscription can see, access and amend each others tickets. The suggestion is to bring RBAC controls into subscription support requests so the same separation can be applied to support requests as is applied to Resource Groups and resources to keep different services in a subscription truly separated.

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