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    Create a student account in Azure

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    • azure-machine-learning-workbench

    Working around the lack of support for Adaptive Cards 1.2

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    Give Invoke-AzResourceAction powershell cmdlet a synchronous mode

    Invoke-AzResourceAction, Powershell cmdlet,, currently runs asynchronously. It returns immediately but it is still working on the operation. The user must poll for a resource to be created and then check the provisioningstatus of that resource. The Azure CLI runs the comparative command synchronously, so it pauses until it is done. Could you at least create a parameter for Invoke-AzResourceAction so that it would run synchronously.

    Azure Storage Documentation

    Its good if you include the maximum supported size of Append blob (4MB*50,000) in your documentation, I see maximums for Page and Block blobs, but not for Append, Is there a reason? Here is the URL i am referring to

    Newbie uncertainty

    Having been interested in Azure for over 15 months, I have tried to get into it but failed. I am still unsure about how to go about using Azure; and whether I am even entitled to use it as a free user. Perhaps first I need to clear up whether Azure usage is free for an individual – is it? If not, then probably my interest ends here. Or is there a relatively low fee? Next, even tho' I've looked at several of the intro videos, I still find it virtually impossible to use Azure. I have an Excel spreadsheet, converted to CSV, of my data: 4,300+ events, of 405 independent variables and 165 dependent ones (each of which it would useful for me to see how the independent variables influence). I believe that regression may be the best basis of this, but hope that AI may also be a more fruitful approach. I have loaded the spreadsheet into Azure (tho' that took a while to sort out. I understand that there are 'templates', solutions, already made available that I could use. But thee are so many I find it hard to determine whether any one would be appropriate for my purpose. But even if one were, I'm unclear as to how to so use one. So for me, it would be simpler is there was something like: Upload your spreadsheet here. Choose one of these prepared solutions Specify your input variables Specify your output variable Specify the significance level Run These variables cause the output variable to increase (each of this much), these to decrease it (each of this much), and these have no effect at this significance levels. I appreciate I may be hoping for too much. I which case, just let me know. But if I am one of the intended target users, I would appreciate some guidance as to how I may do the above.

    Double Take DR - Broken link or discontinued ?

    Clicking on the page below on the link to the marketplace of Double TAke generates a 404. Is it just a broken link or has it been discontinued?

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