Azure Web PubSub の価格

WebSocket とパブリッシュ - サブスクライブのパターンを使用したリアルタイム メッセージング Web アプリケーションを簡単に構築

Azure Web PubSub service is a fully-managed service that allows developers to focus on building real-time web experiences without worrying about capacity provisioning, reliable connections, scaling, encryption or authentication. The service makes it easier to deliver experiences such as chat, live broadcasting, and IoT dashboards.



Web PubSub service is currently available in Free and Standard tiers. These tiers are differentiated by the number of concurrent connections, messages and maximum units allowed.

The following table summarizes the difference between the two tiers:

Free Standard
Concurrent Connections per Unit 20 1,000
Messages / Unit / Day 20,000 unlimited (free for the first 1,000,000 messages)
Price / Unit / Day Free $-
Max Units 1 100

Additional Messages:

Additional messages may be purchased for the Standard tier.

Messages $- per million messages
*1 million messages is equivalent to 2GB outbound traffic

Azure の価格および購入オプション

Microsoft と直接つながる

Azure の価格のチュートリアルをご覧ください。お客様のクラウド ソリューションの価格について理解し、コストの最適化について確認し、カスタムの提案を依頼できます。



Azure の Web サイト、Microsoft の担当者、または Azure パートナーを通じて、Azure サービスをご購入ください。



Azure Web PubSub の詳細

Azure Web PubSub の特徴と機能についての詳細情報


Azure 製品の任意の組み合わせを使用する場合の推定の月間コストを見積もります。


技術チュートリアル、ビデオ、その他の Azure Web PubSub のリソースをご確認ください。


  • The instance usage for billing depends on the actual time (seconds) the instance is used per day. For example, if the instance is created and used 12 hours in a specific day, the billing will be $0.805 (1* $1.61 Unit/Day * 12 hours / 24 hours) in this day.
  • For billing purpose, only outbound messages from Azure Web PubSub service are counted. Ping messages between clients and servers are ignored. Message sent into the service is inbound message. Message sent out of the service is outbound message. Traffic is calculated in bytes.
  • For billing purpose, the messages larger than 2 KB are counted as multiple messages of 2 KB each, and the messages less than 2KB are accumulated together. For example, imagine that there are 100 million outbound messages and 0.1 KB each. In this case, the billing will be $10 (100 million * 0.1KB / 2KB * $1 per million messages).
  • There are server connections and client connections with Azure Web PubSub service. By default, each application server starts with five initial connections per hub, and each client has one client connection.

Azure の価格の説明については、営業担当者にお問い合わせください。クラウド ソリューションの価格を把握できます。

無料のクラウド サービスと、30 日間 Azure を検証できる $200 のクレジットを利用できます。