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Release of new Azure CDN (Microsoft Standard) capability

Published date: August 21, 2020

Customers can now use multiple origins with the same CDN endpoint, using the Azure Portal and Azure CDN APIs to provide a simple, fault tolerant method of load balancing between origins.

With Azure CDN, customers can establish global redundancy and eliminate downtime by designating multiple origins within an Azure CDN endpoint. The redundancy provided by multi-origin spreads risk by probing health of each origin and failing over if necessary.

With the support of multi-origin, customers can route to multiple origins based on path and geo location. For example, you might have two paths, and, and want the request to go to blob storage for images and Azure Media for videos but fail over to a secondary origin if the primary origin on this redirect fails.

Another example is if you want to send all requests originating from the United States to an origin in the United States and all requests originating in Asia to a origin in Asia but fail to the other in case of a downtime. This will help in latency sensitive use cases where customers want minimum latency even during cache misses but at the same time not compromise on availability.

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