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Public preview: Azure Monitor managed service for Prometheus for Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes

Data di pubblicazione: 23 maggio, 2023

Azure Monitor managed service for Prometheus is now extending monitoring support for Kubernetes clusters hosted on Azure Arc. Prometheus, the open-source project from the CNCF, is considered the de-facto standard when it comes to monitoring containerized workloads. Running self-managed Prometheus is often a great solution for smaller deployments but scaling this to handle enterprise workloads can be a challenge.

Azure Monitor managed service for Prometheus on Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes allows customers to monitor their Kubernetes clusters running anywhere and keeps the same features as Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) monitoring. The new fully managed Prometheus compatible service from Azure Monitor delivers the best of what you like about the open-source ecosystem while automating complex tasks such as scaling, high-availability, and long-term data retention. It is available to use as a standalone service from Azure Monitor or as an integrated component of Container Insights and Azure Managed Grafana. 

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