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Public preview: Azure Monitor action rules are now 'alert processing rules'

Data di pubblicazione: 01 dicembre, 2021

We are renaming Azure Monitor action rules to ‘alert processing rules’ which will continue to provide post-processing capabilities for fired alerts in Azure Monitor, such as scheduled suppression and at-scale actions management. Similar to how Outlook has inbox rules to help you better handle incoming emails, Azure Monitor has alert processing rules to help you better handle triggered alerts.

As part of the public preview, we are also announcing additional updates:

  • Standard create/edit portal experience using a wizard.
  • Easier navigation and visibility for alert processing rules.
  • Scheduling improvements such as time zone support and more flexible scheduling. In addition, scheduling has become a rule level property and can be used.
  • Additional functional improvements such as support for multiple action groups and more flexible scope selection, aligning with other types of alert rules.

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