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Azure Synapse Analytics Compute Optimized data flows will be retired on 31 August 2024

Published date: August 26, 2021

Because Azure Synapse data flows now provides better performance with General Purpose data flows, we’ll retire Compute Optimized data flows on 31 August 2024. Please transition to using General Purpose data flows by that date.

We encourage you to make the switch early to gain the performance benefits of General Purpose data flows. In addition to current features you already use, here’s a quick comparison between Compute Optimized data flows and General Purpose data flows:

Compute Optimized data flows

General Purpose data flows

  • Low memory/core ratio
  • Improved memory/core ratio
  • Suboptimal for ETL performance
  • Optimized for data flow pipeline executions
  • Generally used for testing
  • Best option for most production workloads

From now through 31 August 2024, you can continue to use your existing Compute Optimized data flows. After 31 August 2024, existing workflows will not be supported.

Required action
To avoid service disruption, please remove your existing Compute Optimized data flows before 31 August 2024. Follow the steps in this document to create a new Azure Integration Runtime in Azure Data Factory and associate your existing data flows to the new General Purpose Azure Integration Runtime.  Visit the Azure Synapse Analytics pricing page for the latest pricing available for General Purpose and Memory Optimized data flows.

Help and support

If you have questions, get answers from community experts in Microsoft Q&A . If you have a support plan and you need technical help, please create a support request.

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