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Public Preview: Azure Elastic SAN Updates: Private endpoints & shared volumes

Published date: August 16, 2023

As we approach the general availability of Azure Elastic SAN, we continue improving the service and adding features based on feedback from Azure customers. Today, we are releasing private endpoint support and volume sharing support via SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) Persistent Reservation.  

With the addition of private endpoint support, you can now access Elastic SAN volumes via either private endpoints or via public endpoints that are restricted to allow network access from specific virtual network subnets only. If you require the additional layer of security that private endpoints add, this is an essential update. 

By adding shared volume support, you can attach and use an Elastic SAN volume from multiple compute clients like virtual machines, while using SCSI reservation commands to choose from a range of supported access modes to read or write to the volume. You can even maintain reservations across reboots because we support persistent reservations to ensure that access to data remains uninterrupted.

Learn more about these features by reading the blog and refer to the documentation for information about Azure Elastic SAN, including how you can request access to the preview.

For more information about Azure Elastic SAN pricing, visit our  pricing page

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