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Azure Cognitive Services general availability updates

Published date: September 22, 2020

In the Decision category, Anomaly Detector service is now generally available. The service helps organizations spot unusual behavior in time-series data.

In Speech, the service has expanded language coverage and regional availability. Specifically, Neural Text to Speech has added 18 new locales and 32 new voices, totaling 49 locales with 68 voices. Across Standard and Neural Text to Speech, we now offer 151 voices. In addition, Speech to Text added 11 new EU locales, now covering all 24 EU parliament specified official languages. For the full list of supported languages, see Language and voice support.

For containers, the following are generally available: for Speech service, speech-to-text (standard and custom), text-to-speech (standard), and then Anomaly Detector v1. Learn more with an example of containers in action.

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