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IOPS Details Must be Visible Over Portal

This is so frustrating to ask IOPS details for Linux VM to support engineer, again and again, to ask to get to know about the performance detail. Why can't you show IOPS in metrics the way you show Cpu and memory usage details? It's wasting of customer time and Azure support engineer time. I have to raise multiple tickets for multiple VM and there are so many limitations.


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Allow switching back from invoice to credit card as payment method

It is impossible, according to support to switch to credit card as payment method, once you have chosen to pay via invoice. The only option is to create a new account and move all services over. This is not feasible.

Fix Sign-up Form

Fix the ZIP CODE entry on your sign-up form. It will not let me enter my zip code. After entering Five Zip Code Numbers, then clicking on the Enter button, I get an error message stating that the Zip Code Is Too Short. It will not let me get past that point in my application, subsequently, I can not sign up. Thank you and have a good day.

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