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    Create a low/no-cost conditional access policy for "US Only" to prevent international brute-force sign-in attacks

    The Azure AD that comes with Office 365 should include a conditional access policy that can be enabled to prevent international sign-in attempts. It currently lets you see users flagged for risk but doesn't let you do anything about it.

    Fix the intermitent issue that has ADF at the moment to create an OnDemand HDInsight

    When the pipelines were executing the Pig Activity this morning they all failed with a similar error as follow: ---------------------------- Failed to submit Pig job: ********-****-****-****-************. Error: Failed to copy file from https://storage01.blob.core.windows.net/pigScripts/something.pig?sv=2015-02-21&sr=b&sig='[Masked]'&st=2019-01-17T05:03:03Z&se=2019-01-17T07:03:03Z&sp=r to https://storage01.blob.core.windows.net/adfjobs/PigQueryJobs/ ********-****-****-****-************/ ********-****-****-****-************.pig. Error: The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden., HTTP status code: 403, HTTP status messageServer failed to authenticate the request. Make sure the value of Authorization header is formed correctly including the signature., extended status code: CannotVerifyCopySource, extended message: Server failed to authenticate the request. Make sure the value of Authorization header is formed correctly including the signature. RequestId: ********-****-****-****-************ Time:2019-01-17T07:04:09.1670192Z.. --------------------------------- And when I executed again the Pipelines at 12:30 PM UTC time, they all finished without issues.

    How to enable Rainbow Six Siege two-step verification (2SV)

    Cyber threats are the biggest threats in front of the cyber world which can storm anyone or any institution’s present, past and future. Cyber crimes and, snooping are very common nowadays. So it’s the time for double lock kind of covering or strengthening. Rainbow Six Siege two-step verification is a double locking system, it works as armor for your account. This enables two layers strengthening to not only pro-gamers as well as the nascent participants on PC. The activation of two-step verification facilitates PC users to receive a message on his/her smartphone every time they log-in to their account from anywhere. It ensures the safety of account and shielding of precious operators. Two-step verification (also known as 2-factor authentication) creates an additional coating of security on an account shied it against cyber attacks and threats. Due to this kind of security any activity needs additional confirmation through an email, message, or an app like Google Authenticator. The process of enabling Rainbow Six Siege two-step verification (2SV) Ubisoft’s account management page is solely responsible and limited for authorizing 2SV. Ubisoft permits its users through the email address or the committed application only. The activation process of enabling 2SV using a phone Go to the Ubisoft Account website. Log-in with your Ubisoft account details. Scroll to security and click the 2-step verification option. Navigate to the 2-step verification segment. Click on Google Authenticatoroption and click on Choose. This navigates you to instructions on your email address attached with Ubisoft account. Go through with the steps provided in the email. Install the Google Authenticator Open it. Click on the Set up account in the options menu (or select the plus button present at the right edge) and select the favored option from Google Authenticator. Enter the verification code generated by the app to complete the synchronization after the device set-up. * Recovery codes will help you update and resolve any 2FA associated problems. Keep it safe and secure. You should confirm 2-Step Verification through account management website. Under Security settings, you should see a message stating that your account is secured by 2FA. Hopefully, the steps given in this blog helped you in setting up multi-factor authentication. While many people think that online gaming is safe, it really is not. No matter which device you are using for video gaming, you need to exercise caution. Since prevention is a lot better than cure, enable 2FA now. https://how-to-activate.net/ https://manage-notron.com/ https://offiice-products.com/ https://suites-office.com/

    Provide a feature to alert when the EA Account or Admins Log into Azure. This would help when any of the higher privileged accts are used

    Provide a feature to alert when the EA Account or Admins Log into Azure. This would help when any of the higher privileged accts are used. Right now there's no way to alert in this scenario other than the what actions these accts have done after the fact. We want to know when these accts login before they actually perform any actions so we can correlate it back to approved change control tickets.

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