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    Enterprise Programme Development (Claims and Attributes)

    Please could you look into including all attributes from Active Directory as part of the SAML Enterprise Programme development (Claims and Attributes). I was unable to include the Manager field within the new programme we created for an external system.

    I suggest you allow users to view Host level metric data for more than 30 days in Metric Explorer. Its sad not being able view it one go.

    In Metric Explorer of, users can only view data up to past 30 days at Host level. When Azure in fact has data up to past 90 days. But users are expected to view that data in a window of not more than 30 days at a time. I mean, data is available, Azure doesn't mind showing it - then why this restriction of 30 days only at a time? Other cloud service providers like AWS provide data as far as 180 days in the past, in a single go. Its a very basic feature, as far as I know. Would be great if Azure removes that restriction. Thanks.

    Overcome limitation or explicitly state/document B2B lock out with viral tenancies

    Azure B2B has a scenario which is undocumented. That's when you invite a user, if they setup a viral tenancy using their work address and later forget their Azure AD password they've just created, the user has no way of getting their original account back. From the partner organisation point of view, if you delete and recreate, then re-send the invitation email to the guest user, even though the user has access to their own email address, they cannot login or recreate their account in the Azure tenancy as they've forgotten the original password they setup on the Azure tenancy. This makes Azure B2B unworkable as we're trying to setup guest accounts for 800+ users spread across 40 different organisations and we're hitting limitations with lost accounts.

    +1(866)379-1999 How to Solve Bitdefender Error When Shutting Down

    Bitdefender is software part. It is solve the security base problem.Bitdefender is a cybersecurity and antivirus software provider. Many times, the users face issues like Bitdefender error when shutting down or restart. Bitdefender error on shutting down means there is a .dmp file in the temp folder. For mor einformation visit us: Contact us: +1(866)379-1999

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