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Provide a method for updating SPNs in AKS

For AKS if you need to update the SP credentials you need to delete and recreate the cluster. SPNs expire and sometimes require the credentials to be reset for security reasons. If this occurs (az ad sp reset-credentials) deleting and recreating the cluster is the only option.

Azure Intranet Facing Multi Region Load Balancer/Traffic Manager

There is not such a way to redirect the internal requests between different regions. Scenario Highly available ADFS deployment as showed below • 2 internal ADFS servers each one located on a different region (1st in Azure North Central US and the 2nd in Azure West Europe). • 2 WAP servers with NSG each one located on a different region (1st in Azure North Central US and the 2nd in Azure West Europe). • 1 external traffic manager located in the Azure East US. The missing item to this deployment is the internal traffic manager where it is not supported in Azure. So the question that occurs are we redirect the internal traffic to the ADFS server in West EU and the same for the ADFS server located in the NCUS? The new 2016 DNS functionalities do not fit into this deployment since the failover capabilities are totally missing.

Ability to log when publish profile has been used

We would like the ability to see when a publish profile was used and also who is using it.

Use Azure service principal for authentication to storage, instead of account key

At the moment, it is a bit complicated to use the CLI to upload files to Azure storage. First you need to login to Azure: az login --service-principal --username $USERNAME --password $PASSWORD --tenant $TENANT Then you need to retrieve the keys for the storage account: az storage account keys list --account-name $STORAGE_ACCOUNT_NAME --resource-group $RESOURCE_GROUP Then you have to parse the result and retrieve the keys. Then you can use the keys to upload some files: az storage blob upload-batch --account-name $STORAGE_ACCOUNT_NAME --account-key $STORAGE_ACCOUNT_KEY --destination /css --source /css --pattern \'*.css\' --content-type text/css" Why can't I just reuse the credentials being used to login with the Azure client in order to authenticate with the storage API? Even if an account key must be used behind the scenes, could the CLI wrap this complexity so I don't have to do it myself?

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