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Please make Crystal Reports work with Azure Websites

Please make Crystal Reports work with Azure Websites!

Azure AD Logs

When MFA is not required, please add detail to the logs in Azure AD indicating why that is. We had a case open with Microsoft to determine why MFA was not required on several sign-in attempts that were successful from a threat actor. The logs provided no insight into that, MS suggested we submit feedback on that. Another feedback item, there are far too many failure reason: Other on Azure AD login attempts. Can you look to reduce that or provide more visibility into that? Thank you

Add Capturing API-Header responses capability

Team, Currently, I couldn't any feature to capture header responses received from the API Call - to a variable to use that variable in further API requests. In order to achieve solution to this requirement by adding any new feature/any existing capabilities that suffice the need . Please Suggest Thanks Naveen

Add Out Parameters - Feasibility in Stored Procedure Activity

Currently I don't see any feature in Stored Procedure activity in Azure Data Factory(Version-2) to allow/pass Variables to the OutPut Parameters to use them in the subsequent activities. I managed to do my work with some other workaround - But even that too fails if the i need to use multiple Output Parameters (>1). Please Suggest to add this in the upcoming version which is more prominent use case in real time scenarios.

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