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Introducing the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure

Tanggal dipublikasikan: 04 November, 2019

The Cloud Adoption Framework consolidates learnings and best practices from Microsoft solution architects, partners, and customers into a comprehensive and curated set of tools, documentation, templates, and guidance. It helps organizations shape their cloud strategies as they drive towards their desired business goals and outcomes. Built with a modular approach, the Cloud Adoption Framework helps organizations break down their journey into discrete stages with clear guidance for business decision makers, cloud architects, and IT professionals to undertake their cloud journey with confidence and control.

While each organization will have their own journey to adopt the cloud, there are six main stages that hold true for most organizations—strategy, plan, ready, adopt, govern, and manage. Although the framework suggests a linear journey, reality shows that it’s not. Rather, it’s an iterative and cyclical process, where organizations jump in and out of stages as they make progress or have new areas to address in their journey.

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