Azure Firewall

Cloud-native network security to protect your Azure Virtual Network resources

Product Features

  • Stateful firewall as a service
  • Built-in high availability with unrestricted cloud scalability
  • Ability to centrally create, enforce, and log application and network connectivity policies
  • Threat intelligence-based filtering
  • Source and destination Network Address Translation (SNAT and DNAT) support
  • Fully integrated with Azure Monitor for logging and analytics
  • Support for hybrid connectivity through deployment behind VPN and ExpressRoute Gateways

Stateful firewall as a service

Enable turnkey firewall capabilities in your virtual network to control and log access to apps and resources. Azure Firewall supports filtering for both inbound and outbound traffic, internal spoke-to-spoke, as well as hybrid connections through Azure VPN and ExpressRoute gateways.

High availability and cloud scale

Azure Firewall automatically scales with your usage during peak load or as your business grows, eliminating the need to predict and reserve capacity for peak usage.

Network- and application-level connectivity policies

Write policies that span fully-qualified domain name filtering for outbound HTTP(s) traffic and network filtering controls, using IP address, port, and protocol. Restrict access, prevent data exfiltration, and create connectivity policies across multiple subscriptions and virtual networks.

Intelligent near real-time security

Threat intelligence-based filtering can be enabled for your firewall to alert and deny traffic from/to known malicious IP addresses and domains. The IP addresses and domains are sourced from the Microsoft Threat Intelligence feed. Intelligent Security Graph powers Microsoft threat intelligence and is used by multiple services including Azure Security Center.

Communicate with Internet resources using SNAT and DNAT

Azure Firewall utilizes a static public IP address for your virtual network resources using source network address translation (SNAT). This allows outside firewalls to identify traffic originating from your virtual network. Inbound traffic filtering for backend services in your Virtual Network (VNet) is supported by Destination Network Address Translation (DNAT).

Central logging and analytics

Use fully-integrated, built-in monitoring and reporting right in one place with Azure Monitor.

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