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Public preview: Support for HANA Instance snapshot integrated with backint logs

Published date: October 12, 2022

Azure Backup protects your HANA databases in Azure Virtual Machines with a backint certified, streaming database backup solution. As databases grow in size, especially for large to very large databases (> 6 – 8 TB), a streaming solution alone may not be enough to meet your recovery time objective (RTO) requirements during backup and restore. Now, Azure Backup has upgraded the backint streaming solution with a HANA Instance consistent snapshot to provide you an integrated HANA backup solution with the fastest RTO.

  • Instant backup with HANA frozen for just few seconds. Instant restore with disks created from snapshot and attached to target VM.
  • Cost efficient by leveraging managed disk incremental snapshots.
  • A single solution which manages all components (HANA database, underlying file-system, managed disks) during backup and restores entire HANA Instance with point-in-time log restore over snapshots.


Start configuring HANA Instance snapshot backups and learn more.

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