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Public preview: Azure Monitor Agent Health experience

Published date: July 05, 2023

Azure Monitor Agent (AMA) collects monitoring data from the guest operating system of Azure and hybrid virtual machines and delivers it to Azure Monitor for use by features, insights, and other services, such as Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft Defender for Cloud. Azure Monitor Agent replaces all of Azure Monitor's legacy monitoring agents. This article provides an overview of Azure Monitor Agent's capabilities and supported use cases.

You can now monitor the health of agents at-scale across Azure, on premises and other clouds using the Azure Monitor Agent Health experience released in preview today. This includes AMA running on both virtual machines and on-premise (Arc-enabled servers), including a view into the related Data Collection rules. Identify data collection problems before they start impacting your business, and troubleshoot faster by narrowing down the impact scope for a given problem.

This is the initial version and we need your feedback to improve it further to meet your needs. Click here to share your feedback or feature requests for Azure Monitor agent.

Learn More: Azure Monitor Agent overview - Azure Monitor | Microsoft Learn

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