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Public endpoint for data traffic is globally available for Azure SQL Database managed instance

Published date: June 24, 2019
Public endpoint for Azure SQL Database managed instance provides the ability to connect to Azure SQL Database managed instance from the Internet and is for data (TDS) traffic only. Public endpoint for data can simultaneously coexist with the private endpoint on managed instance.
Public endpoint for managed instance can be enabled at the time of managed instance creation, or once the managed instance is created it can be managed via Azure portal, PowerShell and CLI. Enabling public endpoint complies to the separation of duties (SoD) security principles for enterprises and is a two-step process. This process requires an individual with managed instance administrator permissions to enable public endpoint as the first step. Enabling public endpoint will not expose data traffic to the Internet until an individual with network administrator permissions opens an appropriate port to the Internet and sets any security rules required by the enterprise.
This feature empowers enterprises with new integration scenarios such are for example integration with multi-tenant Azure services Power BI, Azure App Service, CRM, DWH and numerous other services on the Internet.
To configure public endpoint for managed instance, see Configure public endpoint in Azure SQL Database managed instance.
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