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Generally Available: Azure Functions can now run on Azure Container Apps

Published date: May 21, 2024

You can now use Azure Functions on Azure Container Apps environment to deploy your multitype services to a cloud-native solution designed for centralized management and serverless scale. Azure Function’s host, runtime, extensions, and Azure Function apps can be developed and deployed as containers using familiar Functions tooling including Core Tools, AzCLI/Portal/code-to-cloud with GitHub actions and DevOps tasks into the Container Apps compute environment.  

This enables centralized networking, observability, and configuration boundaries for multitype application development when building microservices. Azure Functions on Azure Container Apps can be integrated with DAPR, scaled using KEDA and provisioned to a highly performant serverless plan. This allows you to maximize productivity with a serverless container service built for microservices, robust autoscaling, and fully managed infrastructure. 

This feature is now generally available.  

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