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General availability: Azure CLI support for Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL

Közzététel dátuma: február 28, 2024

With Azure command-line interface (CLI), you can now perform all cluster management operations such as cluster create, PostgreSQL server parameter change, cluster node add, or cluster node compute and storage scaling from Azure CLI in any supported operating system and environment. In addition, you can perform all these operations with Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL clusters in a way that is consistent with Azure CLI operations for all other Azure services. With this new functionality, you can now unify Azure CLI management of all your Azure services including Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL.
When you use Azure CLI, you can perform these cluster management operations interactively from a shell prompt such as Bash on Linux or macOS or assemble the CLI commands into a shell script using the script syntax of your chosen shell, and then execute the script for repeated tasks automation.

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