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Azure IoT Central UI new and updated features—July 2020

Published date: August 19, 2020

Jobs improvements

The job results and configuration details pages have been redesigned. The job results page now includes results metrics and job duration tiles with charts. The grid on the job results page now includes an end time column.

Azure command line-interface (CLI) IoT extension update

Azure CLI IoT extension lets you troubleshoot and diagnose common issues when connecting a device to IoT Central. For example, you can use the Azure CLI to:

  • Compare and validate the device property payload against the device model.
  • Run a device command and view the response.

Device builder documentation improvements

A new article for device developers describes message payloads. It describes the JSON that devices send and receive for telemetry, properties, and commands defined in a device template. The article includes snippets from the device capability model and provides examples that show how the device should interact with the application.

User management support with the IoT Central APIs

You can now use the IoT Central APIs to manage your application users. This makes it easier to add, remove, and modify users and roles programmatically. You can add and manage service principal (SPNs) as part of your application to make it easier to deploy IoT Central in your existing release pipeline.

Service principal support through the IoT Central APIs

You can now add, access, and manage SPNs for your IoT Central application using the IoT Central APIs. After you create an SPN with the API, you can use it to connect to the app through both the API and the CLI.

Mobile app gateway sample

Most medical wearable devices are Bluetooth Low Energy devices that need a gateway to send data to IoT Central. This phone app acts as that gateway, and can be used by a patient who has no access to, or knowledge of, IoT Central. You can customize the IoT Central Continuous Patient Monitoring sample mobile app for other use cases and industries.

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