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Azure IoT Central new and updated features—January 2021

Published date: February 05, 2021

Jobs improvements

Scheduling in the updated jobs wizard now lets you configure a recurring monthly job in addition to hourly and daily recurring jobs:

MonthlyJobSchedule (002)

Device builder documentation improvements

The telemetry, properties, and commands payload article now includes samples for offline commands. A new How to use commands article provides detailed guidance for standard, long-running, and offline commands.

A new article shows you how to use location data. It provides guidance on how to plot location data on a map, and how to create geofencing rules.

The How to export data article now shows how to add custom metadata to telemetry messages. This technique lets devices add a historical timestamps to messages.

There’s a new article on How to migrate devices from IoT Hub to IoT Central.

Data Export now supports Any and All filtering

The data export feature, now lets you choose between exporting messages that satisfy any or all filter conditions.

Command timeouts can now be configured through APIs

The public APIs now let you configure:

  • A connection timeout in seconds to wait for a disconnected device to come online.
  • A response timeout in seconds to wait for a command completion on a device.

To learn more, see the Devices - Execute Command API documentation.

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