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Support for Azure Machine Learning Explanation and Fairness Dashboards is ending on 14 March 2025

Published date: October 06, 2023

The Explanation and Fairness Dashboard will be retired on 14 March 2025, please transition to the Responsible AI Dashboard (generally available) by that date.  

The Responsible AI dashboard will have feature parity and new additional features. You can still create and view the Explanation and Fairness dashboards with our open-source offerings (InterpretML and Fairlearn respectively), which are free for public use on GitHub and will continue to be maintained. 

We encourage you to transition to the Azure Machine Learning Responsible AI Dashboard prior to the retirement date to experience the new capabilities of the Responsible AI Dashboard including new and improved features such as: 

  • Causal Analysis 
  • What-if Counterfactual Analysis 
  • Error Analysis and connected compute to enable full interactivity in the studio UI.

There’s no price change with this feature.  From now to 14 March 2025 you can continue to use the Explanation and Fairness Dashboards without disruption. On 14 March 2025—workloads running Explanations or Fairness Dashboards will be deleted and associated application data will be lost

Please follow our instructions to onboard to the Responsible AI dashboard by 14 March 2025. 

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