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    July 2019

    15 Jul

    A new set of Azure SDKs is now available in preview

    A new set of libraries for working with Azure Storage, Cosmos DB, Key Vault and Event Hubs in Java, Python, JavaScript/TypeScript and C# is now available in preview.

    • Event Hubs
    • Key Vault
    • Azure Cosmos DB
    • Storage Accounts
    • Open Source
    • SDK and Tools

    November 2018

    28 Nov

    Azure Functions—Key Vault integration

    Azure Key Vault integration with Azure Functions lets you build more secure serverless applications out of the box, taking advantage of secrets management to get the benefits of rotation policies and centralised access control.

    • Key Vault
    • Azure Functions
    • Services

    September 2018

    24 Sep

    Azure Key Vault support with Azure Databricks

    Azure Databricks now supports Azure Key Vault backed secret scope. With this, Azure Databricks now supports two types of secret scopes—Azure Key Vault-backed and Databricks-backed.

    • Key Vault
    • Azure Databricks
    • Microsoft Ignite
    • Services
    4 Sep

    General availability: Virtual network service endpoints for Azure Key Vault

    Virtual network service endpoints are generally available for Azure Key Vault in all public Azure regions.

    • Key Vault
    • Virtual Network
    • Features

    September 2016

    29 Sep

    Generally available: Azure Disk Encryption for Windows and Linux for Standard and Premium IaaS virtual machines

    Azure Disk Encryption for Linux IaaS virtual machines and support for virtual machines with Premium storage is generally available in all Azure public regions.

    • Key Vault
    • Virtual Machines
    • Regions & Datacenters
    • Services
    29 Sep

    Azure Key Vault Certificates helps simplify and automate tasks for SSL/TLS certificates

    Azure Key Vault is introducing Key Vault Certificates to simplify tasks related to SSL/TLS certificates from supported third-party CAs.

    • Key Vault
    • Features

    November 2015

    18 Nov

    Public preview: Azure Disk Encryption

    Azure Disk Encryption for virtual machines addresses organizational security and compliance requirements by encrypting virtual machine disks.

    • Key Vault
    • Virtual Machines
    • Features

    June 2015

    24 Jun

    General availability: Azure Key Vault

    Key Vault is generally available to help cloud application developers safeguard keys and other secrets.

    • Key Vault
    • Services

    January 2015

    8 Jan

    Public Preview: Azure Key Vault

    Azure Key Vault offers an easy, cost-effective way to safeguard keys and other sensitive data that is used by cloud applications and services.

    • Key Vault
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