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Auto-failover to next credit card if bounced

In our case as a startup, we do not get credit approval so that we can have invoice as payment method. So we have to have credit card. In distant future, if we loose the credit card and we report it lost, the next Azure payment will bounce. And what then happens automatically, is that ALL our servers are shutdown! Immediately and without further notice. This is a big problem since high availability is key to our product. There is a possibility to add additional credit card to Azure. However, there is no automatic failover: if primary card fails, then use secondary. So this is what we suggest: - in case you have registered more than one credit card in Azure payment methods - then if primary card is bounced, automatically try the other one. And when the additional card is registered in the portal, the user can get the option to choose auto-failover to this credit card.

Cluster Network Communication for Cluster Aware Updating

As you know, Zero Downtime and small maintenance windows don't often come together well. We would like to leverage Cluster Aware Updating to patch our HA clusters. The problem is that the Cluster Network does not allow communication. We would like to see the network traffic enabled for the Cluster IP so that we may let automation safely patch and fail over.

Fix wrong consumption values shown on the "Charge by Hierarchy" usage view (EA Portal)

The "Charge by Hierarchy" usage view on the EA Portal presents wrong consumption values when looking at the department consumption usage. The total amount, on the bottom shows the right amount, as per the usage detail, but the sum of the consumptions shown by department do not match the total value. I suggest this to be fixed in order to provide accurate information. I tried to escalate this bug through the support services, but was told to use this method instead.

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