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    Chicago Pests LLC

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    kaspersky login

    Kaspersky is an antivirus software designed in Kaspersky Lab. It offers real-time protection, removal, and detection of viruses and malwares. On creating the kaspersky login account, you can download the Kaspersky antivirus on your device. The Kaspersky was basically designed to protect the device from malwares.

    NPM agent as a docker container

    Network performance monitoring agent is only available as an agent on a VM. It would be great to have a docker image to minimize IaaS in your environment.

    Change layout of Modern billing report (recon files) to include lower level subscription name

    We have several customers migrated on Azure Plan that have multiple subscriptions. For customer internal billing we used the old Azure billing recon files to split our invoicing per subscription name. However, the Azure Plan recon files do not list the lower level subscription names anymore, but only the top level one (<customer> - Azure Plan). That breaks our ability to provide our customers with split billing. As that subscription ID column is now rendered useless (it is just customer name + Azure Plan), why not use it again for the lower level subscription names?

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