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    Touched By An Angel Beauty School

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    Webroot geek squad

    Webroot antivirus is one in all the simplest code to safeguard all digital devices one will get additional details on www webroot com secureanywhere.

    Enable Blacklisting Unsuccessful Login Attempts I look at the recent sign in activity for my account I see many attempts to sign in to my office 365 account from states far away from me. All the login attempts are unsuccessful, originate from the same IP address, and have a recurring time period (usually every 15 or 30 minutes). There is a link on the login attempts to allow me to mark the login as unsafe but the login attempts continue to happen.I believe the hacker cannot get in to my account because they do not have my password. I also have Multifactor Authentication enabled for further protection. Since I can login to the MySignin page with MFA enabled, I do indeed have control of the account. I should therefore be able to have the IP address of this hacker blacklisted from even attempted to login to my account. Even if this blacklisting was only for a certain amount of days 30, 60, 90 days, whatever. There is obviously something happening from this IP address that is not right. Blacklisting it will not affect my legitimate use of my office 365 account. There are literally hundreds of failed login attempts from the same two IP addresses.I would settle for blacklisting My Microsoft account from logging in from those IP addresses. Anybody else could be able to login from those IP addresses with their Microsoft accounts.

    to provide a notification if the PrivateEndpoint require any Azure managed A record in the Private DNS zone

    Currently we had a customer reported a issue that when they created a Private DNS zone for "" before created the actual private endpoint for Azure monitor service, they were not able to resolve the FQDN "" any more.The investigation showed that the FQDN "" had a CNAME record to "". Thus the empty private DNS zone led to the DNS issue.But if we create the private endpoint for Azure monitor service and let Azure create the related private DNS zone, Azure will automatically create the A record for "" along with other 4 A records.So to avoid the issue, we have feedback as:1) Create a notification if any private endpoint need some Azure managed A record in Private DNS zone2) provide a list for Azure services which require to have the Azure managed A record in private DNS zone once private Endpoint created. This is in case customer need to create the private DNS zone before create the Private Endpoint.Thanks!

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