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    Why won't Azure AD B2C accept an Office 365 email address?

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    Getting tags associated with an API in Azure API Management

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    Azure datafactory multiple tables

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    UserVoice indeaquate for SQL Server requests/needs.

    For SQL Server support/requests/wishlist/complaints, this Uservoice site is grossly inadequate! The problem is that for such a long-lived platforms like Office and SQL Server, requests for familiar/repeated items over time (like "Source Control" for one very good example) yield worthless or long-irrelevant results because the response from MS for requests on/about previous versions of the platform/product/tools are simply ignored or left open - many from 5+ or 10+ YEARS AGO. Seriously, I have a problem with something like the current version of SSMS, on "Source Control" and any search here turns up topics for discussion that are still open and "unresolved" by MS from versions that are MANY YEARS out of date now! Either you need to improve the filtering of topics so that specific (at least at broad product version number) levels of granularity can be filtered down to. I mean of what use is it to search for an issue on the SSMS for SQL Server 2019-era software when the Uservoice controls throw me back results for SSMS 20012/2014!? They are both irrelevant at this point (except for a user who still needs info on that version, of course) and a uselessly distracting waste of both MY time and MS's time! Uservoice needs to be improved to handle this much better - or MS needs to dedicate some additional support resources to clean up and "finalize" the MANY old "still-pending" requests for SQL Server (et. al.) If you don't think this is a point, for the newer products, wait a few years, and you'll see the same thing arise for them as well!

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