Power BI Embedded

Bring data to life inside your app

Create compelling interactive reports that are always up to date

Power BI Embedded lets you create impactful and interactive data visualisations against your application data in Power BI Desktop—without writing any code. Easily explore your application data through a freeform, drag-and-drop canvas and produce rich data models using formulas and relationships. Choose from a broad range of modern Power BI data visualisations out of the box or create custom visuals with data visualisation tools that use open technologies like D3 WebGL for your reporting needs. Visualise very large data sets directly from a wide variety of cloud sources like Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Data Warehouse, using DirectQuery to ensure your data is always up to date without moving your data to Power BI.

“Power BI provides a rich immersive experience for Integrate users, allowing them to visualise and analyse data in one place, simply and intuitively…Using Power BI, Integrate delivers a scalable and cost efficient solution that meets the ever-growing BI demands of users.”

Paul Maher, Chief Technology Officer, Integrate at Milliman

Embed interactive data visualisations

Embed visuals in your app with no redesign required

Easily embed interactive visuals in your app using REST APIs and the Power BI SDK. Use Power BI REST APIs to enumerate datasets and reports, provision datasets and reports, embed reports, set connection strings and credentials programmatically. Offer your customers consistent high-fidelity interactive data visualisation experiences, rendered in HTML5, across any device. Seamlessly use App Tokens based authentication and authorisation instead of explicit end-user authentication. Realise faster time-to-value without redesigning your app.

“We have been able to easily embed data analytics in our solution, which will provide customers a higher level of business intelligence into their key processes.”

Alain Gentilhomme, Chief Technology Officer, Nintex

Deploy Power BI Embedded quickly, at cloud scale

Deploy quickly at cloud scale while managing costs

Using both Azure Resource Manager APIs and Power BI APIs, automate your deployment and scale. Programmatically provision Power BI workspaces, create datasets and reports, embed reports in your app, and control refresh behavior and credentials. Remain in complete control of your cost with a pay-as-you-go, consumption-based pricing model with no upfront costs, hidden maintenance fees, or customisation charges.

“The new embedded capability will help SOLOMO expand our Event Performance and Marketing Attribution reporting services and bring rich location-based analytics to our customers 70% faster so they can make decisions that increase marketing ROI more effectively. Power BI Embedded provides us the capability to create and publish dynamic reports into our customer’s SOLOMO Insight Portals with the ability to control security for access to the information for the right marketing decision-maker.”

Liz Eversoll, CEO, SOLOMO Technology

Customers using Power BI Embedded

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