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Cognitive Services pricing—Bing Search API

Make your Apps smarter with Search APIs capabilities.

Bing Entity Search brings rich context about people, places, things and local businesses to your apps, blog, or website for a more engaging user experience. It will identify the most relevant entity based on your searched term and provide primary details about those entities. Entities spans across multiple international markets and market types including information of famous people, places, movies, TV shows, video games and books. Local business information is currently available only in en-US market.

Pricing details

Tier Features Price
Standard 100 transactions per second $3 per 1,000 transactions

Bing Entity Search API is also available as a part of Bing Search Plans that provide greater value and flexibility.

S1 tier offering

Web Search responses will incorporate and rank query appropriate web results, image, news, video, entity and related search answers. Spell checking will be included in the query response.

This bundle also includes additional answers such as time zone, unit conversion, translation and calculator when appropriate.

This tier also offers higher transactions per second (TPS) limits and the ability to call Auto Suggest * and Spell Check * APIs.

APIs included Unit of measure Price Optional Bing Statistics Add-in Transactions per second (TPS)
Bing Web Search
Bing Image Search
Bing News Search
Bing Video Search
Bing Entity Search
Bing Autosuggest *
Bing Spell Check *
Per 1,000 transactions
* Per 25,000 transactions
$7 $1 250

S6 tier offering

Web Search responses will automatically incorporate and rank query appropriate web results and entity search results where available. Spell checking included in the query response.

APIs included Unit of measure Price Optional Bing Statistics Add-in Transactions per second (TPS)
Bing Web Search
Bing Entity Search
Per 1,000 transactions
$4 $1 100

If you were using Bing Search APIs on or before 15th Oct 2017, then you can still access the APIs at the previously available prices until 15th Oct 2018 or until the end of your Enterprise Agreement. Click here for more details.

It is easy to migrate from the Bing Search v5 APIs to the Bing Search v7 APIs. For details, refer to Azure documentation.

Support & SLA

  • Free billing and subscription management support are included.
  • We guarantee that Cognitive Services running in the standard tier will be available at least 99.9 percent of the time. No SLA is provided for the free trial. Read the SLA.


Bing Search API

  • Below table provides a list of available end-points for each API. The response for the same end-point of Bing Web Search API may vary depending on the Tier purchased. Refer to the next question for details.

    Included APIs Endpoints Available in Tiers
    Bing Web Search S1-S8
    Bing Image Search S1, S3, S7, S8
    Bing News Search S1, S5, S8
    Bing Video Search S1, S4, S7, S8 S1, S6
    Bing Autosuggest S1, S2
    Bing Spell Check S1, S2
    Bing Visual Search S9
  • No, the Bing Web Search API is curtailed to meet specific offering of each Tier. For example, Tier S3 is meant for customers wanting to utilise only web search results and images in their applications. The customers also have an option of calling just a specific end point within a tier and their transactions will count against the overall bundle transactions (for example in Tier S3 a customer can just call Image API end point and make 400 transactions and can call Web Search API end point for 600 transactions and the total will be counted as 1,000 transactions).

  • No, both the APIs could potentially return different results even if you are only looking for images. For example, for a certain type of query, Bing Web Search API may return a combination of web results, videos, news but may not return images. However, for the same query, Bing Image Search API may return images.

  • Tiers are priced based on the number of transactions. As an example, for Tier S3, price per 1,000 transactions is $4. At the end of billing period if 12,000 transactions are logged for the Bing Web Search API and 1,000 transactions are logged for the Bing Image Search API, then you will have billed for $52 calculated as $4*(13,000/1000).

  • Bing Spell Check and Bing Autosuggest APIs are billed at 25,000 transactions increment in Tier S1. Whereas, other APIs are billed at 1,000 transactions increment in Tier S1.

    For example, if you are subscribed to Tier S1 and at the end of the billing period 15,000 transactions are logged for the Bing Web Search API, 3,000 transactions logged for Bing Video Search API and 25,000 for Bing Autosuggest API. In this case, the approximate bill would be $133 calculated by $7*((15,000+3,000)/1,000) + $7*(25,000/25,000).

    Note: For billing, only the end-point is considered and not the requested response. For example, calling the Bing Web Search API only for image response will be counted towards the Bing Web Search API and not towards the Bing Image Search API.

  • Bing Statistics is an add-in that you can purchase from Azure Portal along with one of the S1 to S9 Tiers of Bing APIs. This add-in is charged at $1 per 1 unit of subscribed Tier. For example, if you subscribe to S1 Tier with the Bing Statistics Add-in and make 2,000 calls to the Bing Web Search API and 25,000 calls to Bing Spell Check, you will be charged $24 for 3 units - 2 for Bing Web Search API and 1 for Bing Spell Check - including $1 extra on top of $7 price of the Bing S1 bundle.

  • Bing Statistics Add-in is only available with the Bing APIs' Tiers S1 to S9. It is not available for the standalone API offerings. However, Bing Statistics does provide metrics for all the endpoints included in various Tiers. It is also not available for any other APIs on Cognitive Services apart from the Bing APIs (through S1 to S9 Tiers).


  • Bing Search APIs are invoiced based on number of transactions (also known as API calls). These plans are pay-as-you-go and does not incur additional cost for complex queries and more than 10 results (up to 50 results in most cases).

  • If you happen to exceed the mentioned number of transactions per second (TPS), your usage will be throttled to be within the mentioned limit. If your application needs to have higher TPS than the ones mentioned on this page, please reach out to the Azure support team.

  • For billing purposes, a transaction is a successful Bing API call request (though there are caveats for DoS attacks). For logging and reporting purposes such as for the Bing Statistics Add-in, it is any Bing API call irrespective of whether it is successful or not.

  • You can change the tier of service anytime. Please make sure you use appropriate keys in your API calls. If you are having enterprise agreement with Microsoft, please work with your account executive.


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