Azure Government

Unparalleled flexibility and breakthrough innovation for US government agencies and their partners

  • Get world-class security, protection and compliance
  • Modernise your legacy infrastructure to a flexible, hybrid environment
  • Give your workloads capacity when and where you need it
  • Gain efficiencies and cost savings across departments


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Why choose Azure Government?

All government cloud offerings are not the same. Azure Government provides:

Government exclusivity

Only US federal, state, local and tribal governments and their partners have access to this dedicated instance, operated by screened US citizens.

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Broadest compliance and Level 5 DoD approval

Choose from six government-only datacenter regions, all granted an Impacted Level 5 Provisional Authorisation. And, Azure Government offers the most compliance certifications of any cloud provider.

Two Azure Government Secret regions for classified workloads are coming soon.

Hybrid flexibility

Control the timing and implementation of your digital transformation. If you choose, you can keep select data and some functionality on-premises.

Jump start innovation

Gain new, cutting-edge capabilities with the Internet of Things technologies, data analytics and high-performance computing.

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