Azure Migrate

Assess your environment for a smooth transition to the cloud

Visually quantify, sort and assess your VMs

Use Azure Migrate to discover your on-premises virtual machines, including their utilisation history for CPU, memory, disks and networks. Visualise dependencies among apps and logically group and prioritise the virtual machines for migration assessment, giving you a sense of what steps you will need to follow.

Get help with managing project costs and tasks

Let Azure Migrate provide advice on right-sizing your cloud resources so that you can proceed with confidence and better control migration costs based on efficient utilisation. Where it finds specific virtual machines problematic, follow step-by-step guidance for overcoming the obstacles it identifies to help keep your migration on-track.

Implement your cloud migration easily

Extend your on-premises infrastructure to the cloud for a truly consistent hybrid solution. Get there faster—and smarter—with flexible and powerful services that help ensure a successful workload migration and validation of all cloud applications and dependencies.

Ready to get started?

Take the next steps to migrate your first app or workload to Azure:

  1. Request a preview
  2. Start your free Azure account, or log in to your existing account
  3. Discover and assess your on-premises environment using Azure Migrate
  4. Migrate your on-premises workloads using services like Azure Site Recovery and Azure Database Migration Service

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