Windows Server on Azure

Discover why Azure is the best cloud for Windows Server

Deep trust of enterprises

Take advantage of unmatched security, seamless hybrid operations and cost savings on the best cloud for Windows Server by joining the startups, governments and Fortune 500 customers who run Windows Server on Azure.

Unmatched security

Help protect against threats using the built-in, cloud-native security features of Windows Server on Azure, which has the most compliance offerings of any public cloud. Get unified, powerful threat protection for your on-premises and cloud workloads with the platform-level security and governance features of Azure Security Center. With Security Center, you get the support of:

  • More than 3,500 cybersecurity professionals.
  • USD 1 billion in annual security investment.
  • 6.5 trillion threat signals analysed daily.

Unbeatable offers

See how the cost savings add up with Azure:

Compare Azure vs AWS

  • AWS is five times more expensive than Azure for Windows Server and SQL Server.
  • Azure matches AWS pricing for comparable services.

Get three years of free security updates only in Azure

Extended support for Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 will end on 14 January 2020, but receive three more years of security updates at no additional charge when you migrate to Azure.

Save by bringing your on-premises licences to the cloud

Save up to 80 per cent* by taking your existing on-premises Windows Server licences with you to Azure and by reserving your resources in advance. Estimate your cost savings.

Seamless hybrid operations

Operate seamlessly across your on-premises data centre and the cloud with Azure, the only cloud with end-to-end hybrid infrastructure and consistent security, identity and management features:

Unparalleled innovation

Modernise your apps with more than 100 Azure services. Get unique, built-in resource management and governance solutions when you use Windows Server on Azure. Always have the latest SQL Server capabilities in the cloud with an evergreen SQL database that requires no patching or upgrading from you.

Estimate the cost savings of migrating your Windows workloads to Azure

Compare the total costs of running Windows Server on-premises versus on Azure

Join customers who are transforming their business with Windows Server on Azure

"With Azure, we scale when needed and avoid huge overprovisioning costs."

Ralph Feltis, Senior Software Engineer, Alaska Airlines

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Alaska Airlines

"Visual Studio Tools for Xamarin has really given us the ability to enforce a common UI look and feel for apps throughout the corporation—something that seems small but is very important."

Ashish Modi, Senior Software Developer, Allscripts

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Tencent delivers seamless, play-as-you-go updates to gamers by working with Microsoft Server Fabric to take advantage of modern microservices architecture.

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"Other cloud providers told us that this kind of hybrid-cloud architecture was impossible to construct, but with Microsoft, we not only accomplished it but did so in a very performant way that wasn't all that complicated to set up."

Tom Phillips, Vice President of Data and Infrastructure, Ambit Energy

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Ambit Energy

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Dimension Data

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Getting started

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* Does not include Software Assurance cost. Sample annual cost comparison of two D2V3 Windows Server VMs. Savings based two D2V3 VMs in US West 2 Region running 744 hours/month for 12 months; Base compute rate at SUSE Linux Enterprise rate for US West 2. Azure pricing as of 24 April 2018. Price subject to change. The 80% saving is based on the combined cost of Azure Hybrid Benefit for Windows Server and 3-year Azure Reserved Instance. Actual savings may vary based on location, instance type or usage.