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Azure webinar series: Migrate Your Apps and SQL Server Databases to Azure

Migrating your data and applications from on-premises to a cloud database can help you focus on building new applications without worrying about storage size or resource management. Join this webinar to learn how to start migrating SQL workloads to Azure SQL using database migration tools. Watch demos, ask Microsoft engineers your questions, and explore best practices to maximize the benefits of moving your data to the cloud.

Azure webinar series: Improve Business Continuity: Migrate Windows and SQL Server to Azure

Join this webinar to learn how migrating Windows Server and SQL Server to Azure improves business continuity by creating extra capacity for your workloads, reducing overhead, and helping you recover services in a timely and orchestrated manner.

Azure webinar series: Analytics Primer in 60 minutes with Azure

Data and analytics are pivotal to an organization’s ability to respond quickly to a changing business environment. Register for this primer to learn how to improve the speed and quality of your decision-making by turning data into insights. Find out how to build end-to-end analytics solutions with a unified experience using Azure Synapse and Power BI, and view a live product demo.

Azure webinar series: Gain Seamless Hybrid Management for VMware with Azure VMware Solution

Join this webinar to learn how to centrally manage and secure your VMware workloads in the cloud.

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