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SQL Server webinar series: Explore New Features in SQL Server 2019 Standard Edition

Join this webinar to learn how to modernize your on-premises databases with the SQL Server 2019 standard edition.

Azure webinar series: Develop Your Hybrid Management Strategy with Azure

Find out how to extend Azure services and management to any infrastructure in on-premises, edge, or multicloud environments with Azure Arc.

Azure security expert series—featuring IDG Advantages of Moving Your SIEM to the Cloud

Register for this webinar, featuring media and research company IDG, to explore the findings in their recent report, SIEM Shift: How the Cloud Is Transforming Security Operations. Discover trends in migrating from on-premises SIEM solutions to cloud-based SIEM services.

Azure webinar series: Manage Your Kubernetes Clusters with Built-in Best Practices

Learn how Azure solutions can automatically identify potential issues and provide actionable recommendations for your Kubernetes clusters before they turn into problems.

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