Getting started with Microsoft Azure webinar with Live Q&A

Overview of the Azure portal and live demo of products

New to Azure? Find out how to get the most out of your Azure account.

Join one of our Getting Started with Microsoft Azure live webinars for an overview of the Azure portal and products. See Azure in action as we demonstrate easy ways to begin deploying resources and have your questions answered in real time by Azure technical experts.

Learn how to:
  • Create and manage resources using the Azure portal including:
    • Building a virtual machine
    • Creating web apps
    • Deploying a SQL database and
    • Customising your DevOps dashboard
  • Find help and support when you have questions
  • Easily deploy resources from your IDE
  • Script and automate tasks with Azure command-line tools and PowerShell
  • Grow your solutions using proven strategies
Ask Azure engineers your questions and get answers during Live Q and A.

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