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What is Azure Free Account?

The Azure free account includes $200 credit to spend for 30 days and free Azure products for 12 months.

The following products are available on monthly basis for free:

Products Period of free availability
750 hours of Azure B1S General Purpose Virtual Machines for Microsoft Windows Server 12 months
750 hours of Azure B1S General Purpose Virtual Machines for Linux 12 months
128 GB of Managed Disks as a combination of two 64 GB (P6) SSD storage, plus 1 GB snapshot and 2 million I/O operations 12 months
5GB of LRS-Hot Blob Storage with 2 million read, 2 million write, and 2 million write/list operations 12 months
5GB of LRS File Storage with 2 million read, 2 million list, and 2 million other file operations 12 months
250GB of SQL Database standard S0 instance with 10 database transaction units 12 months
5GB of Azure Cosmos DB with 400 reserved in units 12 months
15GB of bandwidth for outbound data transfer with free unlimited inbound transfer 12 months
5GB of bandwidth for outbound data transfer with free unlimited inbound transfer Always free after first 12 months
10 web, mobile, or API apps with Azure App Service with 1 GB storage Always free
1 million requests and 400,000 GBs of resource consumption with Azure Functions Always free
Free Azure Container service to cluster virtual machines Always free
50,000 stored objects with Azure Active Directory with single sign-on (SSO) for 10 apps per user Always free
50,000 monthly stored users and 50,000 authentications per month with Azure Active Directory B2C Always free
Free Azure Service Fabric to build microservice apps Always free
First 5 users free with Visual Studio Team Products Always free
Unlimited nodes (server or platform-as-a-service instance) with Application Insights and 1 GB of telemetry data included per month Always free
Unlimited use of Azure DevTest Labs Always free
Machine Learning with 100 modules and 1 hour per experiment with 10 GB included storage Always free
Free policy assessment and recommendations with Azure Security Center Always free
Unlimited recommendations and best practices with Azure Advisor Always free
Free Azure IoT Hub edition includes 8,000 messages per day with 0.5 KB message meter size Always free
Free public load-balanced IP with Azure Load Balancer Always free
5 free low frequency activities with Azure Data Factory Always free
50 MB storage for 10,000 hosted documents with Azure Search including 3 indexes per service Always free
Free namespace and 1 million push notifications with Azure Notification Hub Always free
Unlimited Azure Batch usage for job scheduling and cluster management Always free
Free 500 minutes of job run time with Azure Automation Always free
Unlimited users and 5,000 catalog objects with Azure Data Catalog Always free
30,000 transactions per month processing at 20 transactions per minute with Face API Always free
5,000 transactions per month with Bing Speech API Always free
Free 2 million characters included for Translator Text API Always free
Free 500 MB-per-day analysis plus 7-day retention period with Log Analytics Always free
Free Scheduler with 1 job collection, 5 jobs per collection, and 3,600 job executions Always free
50 virtual networks free with Azure Virtual Networks Always free
Unlimited inbound Inter-VNet data transfer Always free

To get detailed terms of use for the Azure free account, please visit the offer terms.

Do I pay anything to start with the Azure free account?

No. Starting is absolutely free, plus you get a $200 credit you can spend during the first 30 days.

Do I have to pay something after 30 days?

When 30 days has passed, you can continue using your free products after you upgrade your account to Pay-As-You-Go Azure subscription and remove the spending limit. As long as you utilize the service quantities included for free, you won’t have to pay anything.

What happens once I use all of my $200 free credit or I’m at the end of 30 days?

We’ll notify you so you can decide if you want to upgrade to a Pay-As-You-Go Azure subscription. If you do, you’ll have access to all the free products. If you don’t, your account and products will be disabled.

What are subscriptions and how do they relate to the Azure free account?

Subscriptions are the entity that provide access to the Azure products as part of the Azure free account. The Azure free account starts off with the Free Trial subscription which includes $200 credit for 30 days as well as access to 30+ free products including compute, network, storage and databases. There is a spending limit on this subscription and any charges incurred during this subscription are deducted against the $200 credit. At the end of 30 days or $200 credit, you must upgrade to Pay-As-You-Go Azure subscription to continue using your account. With this upgrade, you remove the spending limit on the subscription and get access to all free products as part of your account.

What does it mean to upgrade my subscription?

The Azure free account includes free products that are either free for 12 months or always free. For the first 30 days, it also includes $200 credit that acts as a spending limit—that is, in the first 30 days, any usage of products beyond the free products and quantities will be deducted against the $200 credit. There will be no charge to your credit card until the credit is fully utilized. Once the $200 credit is exhausted, or 30 days have expired, you’ll have to upgrade your account to Pay-As-You-Go Azure subscription and remove the spending limit to continue to get access to all the free products included in the account. However, any usage of products beyond the free products and quantities will be now be charged against the credit card.

What happens with the products if I do not upgrade?

If you decide not to upgrade at the end of 30 days or exhaustion of your $200 credit (whichever occurs first), any products you’ve deployed will be decommissioned and you won’t be able to access them. You can always come back within the next 30 days to upgrade your subscription.

How do I know how much of the $200 I’ve used and how much I have left?

Your remaining credit is shown at the top of the management portal, so you always know where you stand.

What do I need in order to sign up for a free account?

All you need is a phone number, a credit or debit card, and a Microsoft Account username (formerly Windows Live ID).

Why do I need to provide a credit card and phone number?

One of the ways we keep prices low is to verify that account holders are real people, not bots or anonymous trouble-makers. We use the phone number and credit card for identity verification. We don’t charge your credit card anything, but you may see a $1 verification hold on your credit card account, which is removed within 3 to 5 days.

Is the free account, 12-month free products, and $200 credit available internationally?

Yes. These are available in all countries where Azure is commercially available (but doesn’t include sovereign cloud products in US Government and Azure Germany regions). Azure is currently commercially available in 140 countries/regions including:

  • 千里達及托巴哥
  • 土耳其
  • 土庫曼
  • 丹麥
  • 厄瓜多
  • 巴西
  • 巴貝多
  • 巴拉圭
  • 巴林
  • 巴哈馬
  • 巴拿馬
  • 巴勒斯坦民族權力機構
  • 巴基斯坦
  • 日本
  • 比利時
  • 牙買加
  • 以色列
  • 加拿大
  • 卡達
  • 古拉果
  • 台灣
  • 尼加拉瓜
  • 尼泊爾
  • 瓜地馬拉
  • 白俄羅斯
  • 立陶宛
  • 伊拉克
  • 冰島
  • 列支敦斯登
  • 匈牙利
  • 印尼
  • 印度
  • 吉爾吉斯
  • 多明尼加共和國
  • 安哥拉
  • 百慕達
  • 衣索比亞
  • 西班牙
  • 克羅埃西亞
  • 利比亞
  • 宏都拉斯
  • 希臘
  • 汶萊
  • 沙烏地阿拉伯
  • 貝里斯
  • 辛巴威
  • 亞美尼亞
  • 亞塞拜然
  • 坦尚尼亞
  • 奈及利亞
  • 委內瑞拉
  • 孟加拉
  • 尚比亞
  • 拉脫維亞
  • 法國
  • 法羅群島
  • 波士尼亞赫塞哥維納
  • 波札那
  • 波多黎各
  • 波蘭
  • 肯亞
  • 芬蘭
  • 阿拉伯聯合大公國
  • 阿根廷
  • 阿曼
  • 阿富汗
  • 阿爾及利亞
  • 阿爾巴尼亞
  • 俄羅斯
  • 保加利亞
  • 南非
  • 哈薩克
  • 玻利維亞
  • 科威特
  • 突尼西亞
  • 約旦
  • 美國
  • 美屬維爾京群島
  • 英國
  • 迦納
  • 香港特別行政區
  • 剛果共和國
  • 哥倫比亞
  • 哥斯大黎加
  • 埃及
  • 挪威
  • 泰國
  • 烏干達
  • 烏克蘭
  • 烏拉圭
  • 烏茲別克
  • 秘魯
  • 納米比亞
  • 紐西蘭
  • 馬來西亞
  • 馬其頓 (FYRO)
  • 馬爾他
  • 捷克共和國
  • 荷蘭
  • 喀麥隆
  • 喬治亞
  • 斐濟
  • 斯里蘭卡
  • 斯洛伐克
  • 斯洛維尼亞
  • 智利
  • 菲律賓
  • 象牙海岸
  • 越南
  • 開曼群島
  • 塔吉克
  • 塞內加爾
  • 塞爾維亞
  • 奧地利
  • 愛沙尼亞
  • 愛爾蘭
  • 新加坡
  • 瑞士
  • 瑞典
  • 義大利
  • 聖克里斯多福及尼維斯
  • 葉門
  • 葡萄牙
  • 維德角共和國
  • 蒙古
  • 蒙特內哥羅
  • 墨西哥
  • 德國
  • 摩洛哥
  • 摩納哥
  • 摩爾多瓦
  • 模里西斯
  • 黎巴嫩
  • 澳門特別行政區
  • 澳洲
  • 盧安達
  • 盧森堡
  • 賽普勒斯
  • 韓國
  • 薩爾瓦多
  • 羅馬尼亞

Can I apply any of my $200 credit towards Azure Marketplace offers?

No, your credit can’t be applied to Azure Marketplace offers. However, many Azure Marketplace partners offer free trials and/or free tier plans for their solutions.

What if I still have questions?

Give us a call at 1-800-867-1389 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

How many free account subscriptions am I allowed to sign up for?

There is a limit of one subscription with 12 months free access to products and $200 credit per new customer. You can, however, have multiple other subscription types (such as Pay-As-You-Go) within a single free account.

Can I use my Azure Hybrid Benefit within the Azure Free Account?

No. The Azure Hybrid Benefit cannot be combined with the products offered for free.

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