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    SignalR PASS Service Blocked

    We are using SignalR PASS Service for one of the production implementation.Currently, https://********* is URL which we are using to connect web application. Currently, it getting blocked as it is ending with which cannot be whitelisted 1.Can we map this with our domain or create alias for this SignalR Pass Service2.Alternative way to implement secure way to use SignalR PASSIt will get if you setup a call and provide us solution. Please help me to connect with correct team

    Add Source IP and geolocation for the password reset authentication logs

    Adding these fields would allow analysts to better identify anomalies and understand why and where their employees are performing self resets.

    When creating a branch from a user story, generate a proper branch name with the story id and the name or at least replace all invalid chars

    When creating a branch through Azure, I would like to have the feature that it replaces invalid characters automatically.Also when creating a branch through a user story, it would be nice that the branch is having the story id and title as branch name.

    Azure App Service - Maintenance control for platform updates

    Hi Team,Following on a MS case, it would be ideal to have platform upgrade schedules exposed for Paas App Services similar to what you are planning for Iaas VM's: had several incidents occur due to the platform upgrades, and our clients are eager to be able to reactively/proactively monitor for these events. However, this data is not exposed on the platform.

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