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    Dynamically update kubernetes config file

    • c#
    • azure
    • kubernetes
    • containers

    Spring-Redis-Cache : Taking while to reconnect if we reboot redis on azure

    • spring
    • azure
    • spring-boot
    • redis
    • azure-redis-cache

    Group role based authorization

    • c#
    • azure
    • authentication
    • authorization
    • role-based-access-control

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    Azure Files performance issues when using metadata centric workloads

    As explained as a workaround in the below article: are often finding out these types of workloads have issues after deploying them without knowing they have limitations and a required workaround to function properly.Customers should not be forced to implement such an ugly solution to maximize the capability of their metadata workloads.

    Azure VM Backup multiple policies

    Assign multiple Backup policies to a Azure VM

    Azure SQL should have simple ScaleUp and ScaleDown on a schedule

    Azure SQL is nice to configure the size manually when humans are awake but it does not have auto-scale feature for machines to do the work while we sleep.It should be simple. Scale down to a size. On a schedule?Scale up to a size. On a Schedule?Runbook with powershell seems like it should work but have 4 tickets with azure support and have wasted days /hours fighting with Azure to get a simple SQL scale up and SQL scale down to work. Bugs everywhere in Azure... Have hit 4 different bugs on this ticket alone and seriously we have 4 tickets open while Azure support tries to close them.We are paying thousands to Azure for SQL we don't use and now requesting credits for Azure SQL issues and Azure support issues with getting your Runbooks and powershells to work with Azure SQL to do a simple task to resize the performance level of Azure SQL.

    Azure availibility Frankfurt, Germany

    The option for availability zones for virtual machines in Germany are currently not available and it is a feature that we require for our Azure deployment. I would like to be notified as soon as this becomes available.

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