2 Build on your terms

You have choices—with a commitment to open source, and support for all languages and frameworks, build how you want, and deploy where you want.

Your language, your tool, your app

Build, debug, deploy, and manage applications with the language or platform of your choice. Take advantage of the full-featured, integrated development environments with built-in support Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, the most popular IDEs trusted by 15M+ developers.

Limitless scale for your applications

Depend on the only cloud to offer SQL, Postgres, and MySQL databases at unlimited scale for any type of application. Hyperscale is the solution to address common cloud scalability limits across compute, storage and memory.

AI for everyone

From visual drag-and-drop and zero code automated models for easy learnings, to full-model development and algorithm selection using Python-based environments, Azure provides machine learning models and tools that meet your needs across various skill levels.

Furthering open source innovation

We embrace open source, drive innovation through collaboration, and contribute back to the community. From developing open technologies like .NET Core, TypeScript and Visual Studio Code, to actively contributing to critical projects like Python, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL and Linux kernel, Azure enables you to build on open source at scale.

Organizations big and small are doing great things with Azure

“Our engineers can now focus on customers first and their experience with the app—not get caught up in managing infrastructure.”

Dave Wilson, Sr. Director of IT Infrastructure and Architecture, Paychex

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“Visual Studio brings mobile development within reach for the large C# and .NET developer base, without the added time and cost of learning traditional native development platform-specific languages.”

Tarandeep Kaur, Sr. ISS Application Architect, Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated

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“We were previously using three different CI services to build Atom releases for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Moving to Azure DevOps enabled us to produce release builds for those platforms and automate our nightly release process, all in a single CI job.”

David Wilson, Senior Application Engineer, Atom Editor

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“Azure gave us the ability to modernize and lift and shift our systems, but do it simultaneously, so that we could grow as our revenue grew. We’ve just tapped the potential of Azure and we are disrupting the industry.”

Stuart Scott, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, J.B. Hunt

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J.B. Hunt

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