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Scheduled runbooks will use the latest modules in your automation account

Published date: June 14, 2017

Azure Automation currently uses the version of the modules in your automation for scheduled runbook jobs at the time the schedule was created. This behavior has caused confusion for customers because when they update their modules, they expect that all future scheduled jobs will use the latest version.

To address this feedback, Azure Automation will start using the latest modules in your automation account when a new scheduled job is run. You should test any runbooks that have linked schedules by starting them manually. This will validate that your scheduled runbooks continue to work correctly.

If you have not updated any modules since you created your schedules, this change won't affect you.

Please refer to your automation account overview page in the portal to see when this change will happen for your automation account, or review the following dates.

West Central USJune 13, 2017
Central USJuly 10, 2017
Japan EastJuly 11, 2017
West EuropeJuly 13, 2017
East US 2, UK South, North Europe, Central India, US GovernmentJuly 17, 2017
South Central US, Australia Southeast, Canada Central, Southeast AsiaJuly 20, 2017


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