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Redis 6.0 is now in preview for Azure Cache for Redis

Published date: November 11, 2020

With Redis 6.0, you gain several new features and commands that enhance developer productivity and ease of use:

  • Redis Streams, a new list data type that appends data. Redis Streams also features Consumer Groups, which enable a separate stream for each consumer.
  • New commands; STRALGO can be used to find non-contiguous sequences among strings. ZPOPMIN and ZPOPMAX allow you to remove the highest or lowest scoring member of a sorted set. HELP can be used to return helpful text for existing commands.
  • HyperLogLog performance has been improved for the PFCount command.
  • Frequency and recency information in RDB files help support key expiry for least frequently used (LFU) and least recently used (LRU) policies.
  • Lua replica and Append-only file refinements.

Now, when creating a new Azure Cache for Redis instance, you will see an option to select which version of Redis you’d like in the Advanced tab.

Learn more about Azure Cache for Redis.

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