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Public preview: Create multiple data export rules to the same event hub namespace

Published date: January 19, 2022

You can now create multiple export rules to the same event hub namespace, providing different “event hub name” in rules. This feature is in preview. Use the optional “event hub name” parameter in rule to separate data from selected tables to different event hubs in the same event hub namespace. When omitting “event hub name”, each table is sent to a default event hub name (e.g. am-securityevent).

This change gives you flexibility in export to event hub, but you should mind destinations limits and apply monitoring on destinations as advised to prevent destinations throttling and data lose after retry exhaustion.

This flexibility isn’t relevant to export to storage, since there are no limits to the number of containers as in event hub, and destination uniqueness is maintained.

Learn more in the log analytics data export article and event hub paragraph.

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