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Public Preview: Resource Change History API

Published date: April 23, 2019

Azure resources get changed through the course of daily use, reconfiguration, and even redeployment. Change can come from an individual or by an automated process, but while most change is by design, any change could cause crucial security, compliance, or operational issues. With the last 14 days of resource changes, the new Change History capability within the Azure Resource Graph API enables you to:

  • Find when changes were detected on an Azure Resource Manager property.
  • See what properties changed as part of that change event.

For the preview, two API actions are now available in the Azure Resource Graph API:

  • resourceChanges: returns a list of change events for a resource and time interval
  • resourceChangeDetails: returns the before and after resource content for a given resource and change event

Learn more in the documentation.

  • Azure Resource Graph
  • Compliance
  • Management
  • SDK and Tools

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