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Public preview: Azure HX series and HBv4 series virtual machines

Published date: November 30, 2022

The Azure HX series and HBv4 series virtual machines (VMs) are now in preview in the East US region. These VMs, powered by AMD 4th gen EPYCTM “Genoa” CPUs, improve the performance and cost-effectiveness of a variety of memory performance bound, compute bound, and massively parallel workloads. 

These new VMs deliver more performance, value-adding innovation, and cost-effectiveness to every Azure HPC customer.  Included with these is the new 400 gigabit InfiniBand, offering greater support for offload of MPI collectives, optimized real-world latencies due to congestion control intelligence, and enhanced adaptive routing capabilities.

Begin using the new HX series and HBv4 series virtual machines today for workloads like CFD, finite element analysis, frontend and backend EDA, rendering, molecular dynamics, computational geoscience, weather simulation, and financial risk analysis.

Read the blog to learn more.

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