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New developer portal in API Management is now in preview

Published date: June 12, 2019

The new portal has a modern look and feel, improved usability, and unlocks new scenarios such as automation, role-based access control, and custom extension of the functionality.

New functionality

  • Built from scratch with JAMstack technologies—The portal has been completely reengineered and implemented with JAMstack technology. The resulting portal is more performant, more secure, and easier to scale and distribute.
  • Modern looking out-of-the-box—The new portal has a default theme that will help impress the consumers of your APIs and minimize the need for customizations. It features a carefully designed landing page with a light color palette, gradients, and widgets with API Management data.
  • Customizable through the visual editor—The portal features a special panel for designers so all styling can be controlled from a central location. Content editors can modify the pages through a drag-and-drop editor. Permissions can be scoped with role-based access control.
  • Open source—The Portal’s codebase and roadmap are publicly available on GitHub. We welcome your contributions, feature requests, and bug reports.
  • Managed or self-hosted—The portal comes built into every API Management instance (excluding the Consumption tier) and its engine will be automatically updated. If you wish to extend the portal’s core functionality (for example, create your own widgets to fetch data from other sources), fork the GitHub repository, implement the code changes, and self-host your own modified version of the portal.
  • DevOps-friendly—Deployments can be automated through APIs so you can easily migrate content and configuration between API Management instances, as well as perform or restore backups.

Get started.

Follow the documentation to try out the new portal. If you’re interested in exploring the self-hosted version, you can find more details in the GitHub repository.

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