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Azure Machine Learning public preview announcements for June 2021

Published date: June 23, 2021

The RBAC capabilities in Azure Machine Learning allow customers to use pre-built roles or create custom roles to control specific operations for the individual users in a workspace.   

To save you time, a new pre-built role defined for the general data scientist user has been added. When assigned, this role will allow a user to perform all actions within a workspace, except for creating/deleting the compute and any workspace level operations.    

Text Classification labeling capability in Azure Machine Learning studio allows our users to create text labeling projects and assign labels to their text documents. It supports text classification either multi-label or multi-class project types. 

Environments in the Azure Machine Learning studio allows you to create and edit environments through the UI. You can also view both custom and curated environments in your workspace as well as details around properties, dependencies, and image build logs.  

How to assign built-in roles.

How to create labeling projects.

Learn more about environments UI.

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