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Azure IoT Central new and updated features—September 2020

Published date: October 14, 2020

Data export capabilities GA

Send filtered and enriched data from your devices in near real time to cloud destinations to unlock business insights:

Create exports with:

  • New data sources such as telemetry messages and property changes
  • New filtering capabilities (e.g export telemetry if it contains batteryLevel < 20%)
  • New enrichment capabilities (e.g. stamp every message with firmware version)
  • New destinations (e.g. webhooks)

Use this to simplify downstream processing and power Dynamics 365 experiences, Microsoft Power Platform experiences, and custom line-of-business and mobile applications.

Data export process

Jobs improvements

Delivery options in the new wizard experience let you configure:

  • Batches to stagger jobs for large numbers of devices. The job is divided into multiple batches each with a subset of the devices. Batches are queued and run in sequence.
  • The cancellation threshold to automatically cancel a job if the number of errors exceeds the limit. The threshold can apply to the job, or to individual batches.

Offline commands

Offline commands let you send messages from Azure IoT Central to a device  even if it’s offline.

For an offline device, messages are delivered in order, when it’s back online.

Device builder documentation improvements

The IoT Central landing page has a tile for device developers with links to core documentation. New and updated articles this month  include How to use properties, Connect devices using X.509, and Run a job.

Dashboard improvements

Dashboard tile formatting lets you change the font size of text in KPI, LKV and property tiles. For numeric values, you can choose the decimal precision, and optionally abbreviate values (e.g. 1,700 becomes 1.7K). For text values, you can choose to wrap text.

Conditional formatting lets you change the color of numerical values in LKV, KPI, and property tiles.

New Power Automate templates

Try the new Power Automate templates to notify your teammates when a rule is triggered. Set up a rule to monitor your devices, and use these templates to create workflows that send an email or send a message to a Microsoft Teams channel with details of the device that triggered the rule.

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