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Revolutionizing Operational Efficiency ​with Capgemini’s ReflectIoD Powered by Azure Digital Twins​ - Deep Dive

Learn how Capgemini’s Reflect IoD, a cloud-native Digital Twin Platform for industrial buildings and infra-structures improves operations and maintenance and enables data-centric collaboration. This two-video program, part of the Microsoft Azure Partner Innovation Video Series, includes an interview between Tony Shakib, GM, Microsoft Azure IoT Business Acceleration Team and Jean Pierre Petit, Digital Manufacturing Offer Leader, Capgemini - along with a technical deep dive showcasing the solution with Basak Mutlum, Principal Program Manager , Microsoft Azure IoT Business Acceleration Team, Alban Alev, Head of Presales & Solutioning, Capgemini and Thomas Perpere, Head of Smart Digital Twins, Capgemini.  

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