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Microsoft Azure Delivers HPC Now Into the Future With AMD

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Publicado: 28/09/2021

While using the Cloud for high performance computing is no longer a novel idea, many organizations and HPC decisionmakers still grapple with core questions regarding HPC readiness, performance, cost efficacy, and impact to business and research. Can the Cloud really run my demanding HPC workloads? Which Cloud providers and technologies actually offer the best performance, scalability, and ROI? How can I get informed about the facts so as to discern hype from reality, and ultimately impart this intelligence into my organization’s digital transformation strategy?

In this new white paper published by Microsoft Azure and AMD, Intersect360 examines how the new Azure HBv3 Virtual Machines featuring EPYC 3rd Gen processors stand alone among HPC offerings on the public Cloud. Reflecting Azure’s commitment to delivering genuine HPC solutions, HBv3 VMs provide leadership levels of performance, cost efficiency, and scalability against competing x86 and ARM products from other cloud providers:

  • Up to 3x better performance
  • Up to 2.5x better performance/dollar
  • Up to 12x better MPI scalability

Intersect360 discusses these findings with clear, data-driven evidence from a diverse set of HPC workloads widely adopted by businesses and research communities alike.

Get the facts, empower yourself, and help your organization pick the best HPC solution by reading more in this whitepaper from Intersect360, sponsored by Microsoft Azure and AMD.