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Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) offers a comprehensive solution for device management, identity and access management and information protection.

In a world of on-premises, off-premises, cloud and a myriad devices, hybrid identity is the beating heart of modern enterprise IT.

Our services will educate you on the options, help you make decisions, create a roadmap and assist with the design, implementation and support of appropriate solutions for hybrid identity, including:

Enable people:
■ One identity across on-premise and cloud systems
■ Reduced or single sign-on to access resources
■ One portal to access cloud applications, with automated provisioning of users and SaaS apps
■ Self-service, including password reset, to empower users and reduce help desk burden
■ Consistent access to apps and data using any device

Unify your environment:
■ A single location for identity management, integrating and synchronising on-premises and cloud identities
■ A cloud directory to manage cloud identities, groups, devices and applications
■ A cloud identity service enabling your IT team to respond to the needs of the business

Enable access control:
■ Manage entitlements, set policies and maintain appropriate access rights from a single authority
■ Enforce strong authentication for sensitive applications and information with step-up multi-factor authentication
■ Spot irregularities and monitor inappropriate access through centralised reporting
■ Potentially extend access control to a roles-based approach

“I strongly recommend OCG’s services. They are experts in their field and will deliver an identity platform that will allow you to navigate securely to the cloud, quickly and seamlessly.”

Alistair Sandford, Senior Project Manager, UWE IT Services

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