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Thinking digitally is in our DNA. We know the online world like the back of our hand. Since 2001, market leaders who depend on the Internet have relied on us to develop their online platforms, so they can offer millions of customers a smooth digital experience and a hassle-free way to find what they’re looking for. This is how we combine marketing and innovative technology. You want to provide your customers with the best digital experience possible. At Mirabeau, we have the know-how to deliver this. We connect relevant data from varied systems and analyse it from a business perspective. Your customers are online anywhere and at any time, so we create a complete platform to suit their needs. We plan it, build it and operate it. In our opinion, only a durable, intensive collaboration leads to long-term growth. We believe in embarking on a partnership together, working in multidisciplinary teams. This approach has delivered long-lasting results for the likes of Air France-KLM, ING, Transavia and many other brands we work with. What we do Strategy Each project we embark on starts with concisely formulated goals – Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – based on thoroughly analysed strategic issues. We aim to connect customer needs, commercial goals and technical & organisational possibilities, ensuring these three Cs are balanced to stay ahead of the competition. Design When it comes to the development of an initial concept and design, we work with a content-first approach. We start with a clear purpose and an inspiring vision, and then design a few key frames to shape the website or app, which we validate and improve on with immediate feedback from end users. Development We aim to offer our clients a single platform to manage all online channels. We work according to Agile principles during this phase, bringing together multidisciplinary teams of creatives, developers and administrators.


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