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Descrição geral

What do we do? AVA retail is a comprehensive retail analytics solution that delivers shelf & floor analytics and in-store shopper insights using sensors helping retailers boost their sales and conversion rates while increasing lifetime customer value and shopper experience. We are a Microsoft platform equivalent of the famous laborless store launch by an online retailer! The value we bring to our customers is enormous. We use IOT sensors, fusion the sensor interactions, and process the data using Microsoft Azure to bring value to our customers in a variety of ways.

Who are we? AVA retail has bases in Redmond-USA, London-UK, Surat-India and Dubai-UAE and are a Microsoft Partner working closely with Azure team, Microsoft Worldwide Retail Team, and WW Hospitality and Travel team to bring unique solutions to our customers worldwide. We have deployed our solution with large retailers using their Azure subscription resulting into Azure consumption and Azure services adaption for their newer initiatives as well as rip-and-replace.

How we help customers?
Our value proposition to retailers:
1) Have a indepth insights of their shoppers behavior in the store using Microsoft Azure’s cognitive services, predictive analytics, and power-BI
2) Have detailed view of use of their store using powerBI heatmaps telling them how shoppers browse the store, what areas of the store are most visited and what areas are avoided
3) Run in-store campaigns and predict the results using Microsoft Azure’s predictive analytics and visualize it using Microsoft Power BI suite.
4) A complete one-stop solution for their IOT, data analysis, and reporting – all using Microsoft technology suite such as Azure and SQL Premium

Our value proposition to consumer goods company:
1) A never before view of how their shoppers make product purchase decision as compared to competitors’ – all using Microsoft Power BI and the IOT data collected through Azure Services such as EventHub/ NotificationHub, HDInsights, and Machine learning.
2) A unique value proposition to market their products in the store using Microsoft’s Media Services – where the CPG content would be displayed on the shopper devices or store screens.

Our value proposition to logistics and distribution centers
1) With our Cargo measure solution, we help solving toughest problems for our customer that handle Cargo eg airliners, shipping companies, retailers that have warehouses – all using Microsoft Azure’s Cognitive Services, Machine Learning, and PowerBI!
2) Migrate their existing and newer initiatives into Microsoft Azure
We are revolutionizing visual merchandizing by delivering truly dynamic content to shopper’s devices while they are looking at products and delivering an exceptional in-store experience. The product delivers powerful insights for store executives, shopper value-apps, omni-channel marketing solutions for campaign managers, and mobile solutions for store associates.

Our team is trained on Azure Services, have worked directly with Microsoft both as a GTM partner, sell through partner, as well as a vendor/ supplier.


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