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Start scrappy and go global with the cloud

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Claim over $2500 in free gaming services

Start building exceptional iOS and Android games with a promotional offer from PlayFab and Visual Studio App Center.


Find a solution for every step of your journey

Modern games require more powerful development tools, global and flexible multiplayer support, and new revenue models. But you’re here to build worlds, not back ends. Let us manage your platform so you can focus on making games that make headlines.


Start with PlayFab

Full-stack LiveOps. Real-time control.

Now part of the Microsoft family, PlayFab is a complete back-end platform for live games and a powerful way for independent studios to get started. Boost revenue, engagement, and retention—while cutting costs—with game services, real-time analytics, and LiveOps.


Scale with Azure

Your game. Your cloud.

Build your infrastructure on a gaming cloud with years of experience powering Xbox games and services. Azure offers the building blocks you need to scale and customize what you started with PlayFab, and it covers more regions than any cloud provider.

Build better games, faster

Get higher quality games to market faster with a complete set of game-development solutions.


Launch and scale globally

Launch on a global infrastructure and scale seamlessly with building blocks from Azure.


Monetizza in modo intelligente

Scopri nuove opportunità di incrementare i ricavi usando intelligenza artificiale e Machine Learning per adattare il tuo gioco al pubblico e prendere decisioni informate in tempo reale.


Una piattaforma globale in cui lanciare e far crescere il tuo gioco

42 aree di Azure, più che con qualsiasi altro provider di servizi cloud Centinaia di miliardi di eventi di gioco ogni giorno 53 milioni di utenti attivi Xbox Live ogni mese

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Dagli ultimi arrivati ai nomi più importanti del settore, con Azure puoi realizzare giochi di elevata qualità.